“To help the industry restart, Western Australia’s top events body has asked the state government for a $12.5 million package to stimulate the recovery.

Events Industry Association president Tony Williamson said responses from its 600 WA members showed more than 90 per cent lost 100 per cent of their income during the first few months of the pandemic, with more than half not expecting to re-employ all staff in the next year.

“Our proposed pathway to re-establish a sustainable events industry includes $12 million for hardship grants of between $25,000 to $100,000 to eligible event businesses demonstrating extreme business distress,” Mr Williamson said.”

“This government support would allow businesses to repay outstanding debts from cancelled and postponed events as well as increased upfront costs to stage new events, including extra hygiene measures and higher insurance premiums, all on top of existing business overheads.”

Source: Business News, Monday 13 July 2020, page 15

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