NAME. Katherine. ( Kitty ) Hall

BUSINESS NAME Love Lines By Kitty

YEAR YOUR BUSINESS STARTED 2019 after years of being too scared 😧 (and we are pretty chuffed that she has started)

IN ONE LINE TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS Eclectic nature inspired ink drawings

(example of Kittys beautiful work)

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING IN BUSINESS? Seeing the smile 😃 if someone enjoying something I created myself!

WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? Creating art is a super cathartic and relaxing activity for me, it also allows me to simultaneously lose and gain control in what I’m drawing, which provides balance for me!

HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE YOUR WINS? Sharing my news with my husband and extended family 🤭

WHAT IS YOUR BEST PRODUCTIVITY TIP YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? Swallow the frog! Just do it! When it comes to drawing , sometimes looking at a blank. Canvas or a blank pieces of paper is quite daunting , using view finders or choosing a small area to work on and just drawing something helps to get the ball rolling! Being comfortable and calm also helps!

WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO AND WHY? I draw every day , even if it’s not a big piece, usually in my Passion Planner / Diary to let the creativity keep flowing , I like to connect with other artists. ( on social media ) to see what they are working on because seeing other people’s creations constantly inspires me.

Who do I look up to? …. as an individual; not sure 🤭
As an artist /business owner – a girl I went to Uni with when I was completing my Diploma of Applied Design and Art – she was always so organised and focused and had a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve , she still inspires me even though we don’t see each other or talk that often! I do support her though in her endeavours! #supportlocalartists!

LEARN YOURSELF OR OUTSOURCE WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW? I like to covertly leant new things, it’s always good to expand my repertoire.

Post it notes on my studio wall 😅 or in my diary!!
(we love the post it notes idea)

DO YOU GIVE YOURSELF A DAY OFF? Not usually- I kind of work in my art when I have a spare moment and late at night when I have taken of my “fifo wife and mum” hats and put on my “artist” hat 🎩

Play with my son, get outside and enjoy nature , workout, cook! And of course Netflix

WHAT ONE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE STARTING OUT IN BUSINESS? Be patient, and don’t give up on your dreams! ( also have a budget … wish someone told me this 😂)

PROUDEST MOMENT IN BUSINESS SO FAR being asked for two commissions on the same day! 😍

SADDEST MOMENT IN BUSINESS SO FAR AND HOW DID YOU OVERCOME IT? Covid-19 cancelling all the markets I had just managed to get organised for!! Overcoming it by reaching out to the awesome online community that is available for local artist and businesses! Thanks Fleur! (happy to help where and when I can, especially as an artist myself and organiser second).

WHAT IS SOMETHING QUIRKY ABOUT YOU THAT PEOPLE WOULD NOT EXPECT? Uuuuhm… the people that know me I’m fairly quirky and weird but mostly my affinity with anything Pagan / Druid – I have a strong love for anything Celtic and am away learning more and more of my heritage! Not sure if that’s quirky though!!

I loved hearing more about one of our new PHAMily members Kitty, as it gives us and you a wonderful insight into her world. Thank you Kitty for answering our interview questions Fleur (Head Honcho and Creative Entrepreneur).