Yes we have launched the MINI PHAMs to join the PHAMily.

Who are they you ask?

What are they you ask?

How do I become one you ask?

Well the wait is over, we are now able to put them out to the world. Originally they where to be launched back in April, but a lot changed here in WA and the rest of the world, causing the MINI PHAMs where put on hold.

Now MINI PHAMs are our under 18’s characters being introduced into the PHAMily, who make and create great paintings, woodwork, steel work, pottery, jewellery, bake and make, create sculptors, or budding authors and are wanting to learn about market life and selling their work.

MINI PHAMs will be part of the PHAMily at our events and we aim to help them along the path, we are compiling some amazing men and women who want to help with the behind the scenes nitty gritty like getting an ABN, setting up your book keeping, stall set up, FaceBook and Instagram help, website development, shire paperwork and all the other fine points that can feel like they are breaking you away from the fun of creating and selling.

Want to be a MINI PHAM and sell out our events alongside the PHAMily? YES we hear you say, well take a look at our application fill it in, but make sure to chat to your parent/guardian first as often it will be there email you have to use and lets see where this path takes you.