Recently I had the privilege of running my last event, the Perth Hills Wedding Expo and I got to meet some amazing business owners that are passionate about their chosen fields and one of these was Steve, owner of Morrina.com, now let me tell you some more about him.

Steve runs a family orientated, community friendly company that believes in fair.
He treats his clients as his friends, our suppliers as good mates and our staff like family.
Our Staff are Amazing (now love I love to hear from a boss) – Our staff actually want to come to work. We have a small team who are passionate about what they do. We work hard to ensure our staff has everything they need to be happy both inside and outside of working hours. Flexibility, fantastic workplace culture and job satisfaction mean that we can employ the very best for the long term. All this leads to a consistently better service for our clients.
Our Equipment Is Key – Morrina.com gives you more bang for your buck.
They use products with more features and the greatest Wow factor from high end reliable manufacturers that won’t break the bank. They use our equipment to 100% of its capabilities for every event. We look forward to showing you how you can take your production to the next level. Most events have a budget that needs to be met. We want to make sure yours has as many features as possible for that budget.

Talk to Steve about Wedding Videography, Engagement Parties, Weddings and my favourite Gender Reveals (is it a boy, is it a girl, or one of each?).

You can contact Steve on –
Email – bookings@morrina.com
Phone – 0411 047 957
FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/morrinaaus/
Website – https://www.morrina.com