Make sure to download our questionarre and bring along on the 25th to compete, have fun, have a giggle ad maybe just maybe walk away to spend $50 on a favourite vendor.


Did you know that a PHAM adventure awaits you on the 25th with a questionaire to fil in with 10 cryptic clues to find stall holders around our venue.

10 questions right gets you in the draw for a $50 voucher at 11am, 12pm and 1pm that you get to spend at a stall on the 25th, yes it is one transaction to imagine what $50 could get you.

Clues to the stall answers maybe tucked discreetly away or in full view. (think two feet).

Have fun and see you all with paper in hand on the 25th at Mundaring Arena for the next amazing PHAMily event.

If you can not save the questionarre we will have a few copies on site.