Time to dispell the myths.
PHAM is Perth Hills Artisan Markets…
PHAM is run by

Perth Hills Events

Perth Hills Events is independantly owned by Fleur Adams…
Fleur Adams was born in the hills, left to have children and returned with a primary school aged sone who is now ateen (time to embarress him 🙂 )…
Fleur also runs the  Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash  that are events for destashing art and craft supplies that are run in the hills and around WA…also you will find her running under Perth Hills Events where other work she collaborates in for the community can be found.
PHAM has been running since March 2018 when we had our first massive event.
COVID shut PHAM down and we had moved online so you can find many of our vendors stores on our website, we are BACK now and about to have our second event since shut down with 125 amazing PHAMily memebers.
PHAM is a 24/7 job some weeks, a labour of love to see artisans and creatives be seen.
PHAM is important to not just myself but many in WA as it helps to keep them afloat whilst so many buisnesses are shutting down around them.
PHAM or PHAMily as they call themselves look out for each other.
As mentioned above this business is a one women show to get on the road, and recently I put a social media manager in charge of yes social media, at the events we have paid first aid officers and for set up I could not go pastthe help of hubster and friends as they to understand my vision for the hills and they see first hand the growth of so many involved.
Oh and yes we do also pay our buskers who attend and would love to see you throw coinage into their hats to help them flourish as well.
PS we do not run on grant or run via NF so all we pay for behind the scenes is from our pocket.
PPS those who know me know I am dyslexic and will be having a good giggle as I do not see spelling errors or words running together and will be shouting “why did you not ask us to check ” hmm nope tis as it is.
catch you all soon at an event in the hills.