PHAM is fully insured and complies with Government regulations, our focus is on the safety of our visitors and vendors. Please respect the need for the below conditions.

All products that are for sale are to be made by you, (if you have an outside manufacturer as part of your process, we need to know and that will be taken upon consideration).
If you have been given the “Big Happy Hello” and wish to sell other items that are mentioned on your application, please submit in writing with images for approval (as we do not want to double/triple up on articles for sale).
We offer shared stall’s where available, and only at the application stage, so please ensure you have asked on the form.
We have to be tough on this one, and that is NO selling of goods on behalf of others, anyone found doing so will be asked to pack up their stall and leave the grounds.
It is the stall holders responsibility to ensure their products comply with the relevant safety and labelling standards for their items, Perth Hills Artisan Markets/Perth Hills Events takes no responsibility for products/stallholders who fail to comply with standards and regulations.
Stall holders are also not permitted to sell illegal, prohibited, offensive or counterfeit/unauthorised goods they do not have a licence to sell.

Perth Hills Artisan Markets/Perth Hills Events reserve the right to accept and reserve the right to reject participants upon application, no further correspondence will be entered into (we will email all that apply).
Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold on to any other party.
All stall holders will be emailed bump in and stall allocation along before the event.
Please email any special circumstances we should know about for your stall set that we should/could take into account within two weeks of the event.
All stall holders will receive a “Big Happy Hello” for each event if they get the yes to attend (behind the scenes we have some special work going on for future events).
Stall holders are allocated a 2.5m x 2.5m space . A successful yes to Perth Hills Artisan Markets, does not guarantee a yes at future events.
All stall holders must cover tables with tablecloths, floor length is required.

Stall/Food Holders Permits will be supplied to be filled in and need to be sent back to Perth Hills Artisan Markets for the shire to approve.
Must be completed upon being sent the welcome to attend the event (the sooner you get them back to me for processing the sooner we get all sorted for the day).

Food vendors will need to supply copies of relevant shire approvals ie Commercial Kitchen Licence, Public Liability Insurance, Food Handlers Certificate etc. And be complient with all laws state and local. Your equipment will be tagged within the last 6 months, and compliance certificate is required for approval.

Upon the “Big Happy Hello” please make payment asap (you do have a 7 day term, failure to pay will cancel your spot).
$100 full stall or $50 shared (upon availability), we are also introducing newbie seller fees of $50 for brand new to the market scene (not to PHAM) and we will require proof that you are new. $80 fee for back from COVID promotion.
$40 food permit is also applicable for shire food permit (we have a special year permit available for $120).Once payment is made your spot will be confirmed (payment due 7 days from invoice being sent to confirm).
Please inform us in writing, via FB message or email of no-attendance and the reason why.
If you decline your offer of a stall, no fee will apply.
25% fee for cancellation.75% refunds are available a month prior to the event, half refund two weeks before the event and no refund after that time frame.
If you cancel due to double booking we will be charging a cancellation fee of 25%.
Any monies owed two weeks out from event will incur a 25% admin fee. As of April 1st 2020, any order, legislative or otherwise where a State or Federal emergency is declared and we are ordered to cancel by a government order No Refund are permissible, wherever possible the EVENT will be POSTPONED and all paid content will be offered their retained paid placement at the next event.

All vendors are required to have $10 million Public and Product Liability (a copy of your PLI compliance certificate is required, please send back asap).
Food vendors require a $20 Million Public Liability cover.
You are required to hold your own public liability insurance. We do not cover your business from damages arising from faulty items or products sold. Injury or death of yourself or staff.

While driving vehicles on event grounds, the speed limit is 5 km/h with no exceptions and hazard lights must be on.
Vendors will commence set up from 7am (no entry after 9am) (you will be advised your set up time), and will be required to have your stall set up by 9am for the opening of 9.30am (this allows you time to breath before the day starts).
Please follow the instructions on the email that will be sent before the event re bump in times, direction of travel and parking. Entry to sellers will not be allowed after 9am.
All table legs must be positioned in a manner that will not cause an obstruction or be a risk to vendors or public alike.
Remember to check all overhead items will not cause obstruction or harm.
We ask that you be courteous and respectful, and yes patient during the set up procedure, this will ensure a stress-less setup for all.
Please be courteous to other stall holders, buyers, and traders, staff on the day, failure to do so will result in closure of your stall.
We do not want any bullying of any form, online, behind others backs and any not so nice behaviour will not be tolerated and will cause your spot to be revoked.
We aim for a fabulous day of creative getting together and showing the general public their amazing work.
We can not assist you with heavy lifting, bulky items, movement of stock or set up.

Vendors will be provided with a map of where you will park on the day.
Please let us know if you require any special needs.

While driving vehicles on event grounds, the speed limit is 5 km/h with no exceptions and hazard lights must be on. vendors are required to trade for full day (till closing time).
Vehicles may only be driven onto the grounds when the organisation staff deem it safe to do so.
Vendors packing up early without permission will not be invited back.

There is no power available at the venue for food trucks, all vendors must supply their own generator for powering vehicles. A small amount available for inside vendors with fully tagged leads/machinery (as below).
All cords/power boards must be certified. Non-tagged equipment can not be used. We do not have equipment for you to borrow.

There are toilet facilities on site.

Stallholders are responsible for the safety of the public within their allocated stall area and for the safety of their products sold.Stall holders must ensure that all shelters, umbrellas, tables, display boards etc, are adequately secured.
Keep walkways cleared and report any hazards to the Events Coordinator, Fleur Adams immediately.
Stall holders must complete an “Incident Report Form” for any accident or incident involving third parties. They are available from the main desk.
Weather plays a big role in our day being perfect, please bring marquee weights to hold gazebos down, in case of winds.
We make every attempt to keep an eye on weather conditions in the lead up to the event and keep vendors in the loop of if weather is deteriorating.
Please come prepared for all weather conditions, as Perth Hills Artisan Markets/Perth Hills Events take no responsibility for weather conditions.
Stallholders without weights will not be allowed to erect their gazebo with no exceptions and no refunds.
A first aid officer will be available on site.
Please direct all incidents to this officer.
Smoking on site is prohibited.

Use of amplifiers or loudspeakers (or any other audio device) by vendors/stall holders is prohibited.
Buskers shall supply their own equipment and volumes will be monitored.

The vendor/stall holder will be financially liable for any damage caused to patrons, other stall holders/vendors/staff or council or private property as a result of incorrect installation or being insufficiently anchored. Marquees are only outside vendors.

All stall holders will be supplied with promotion material (to print) to put up in their local shops (every little bit helps to promote you not just the event) along with helping promote on FB and Instagram (we are building a community).
We will also be supplying you with marketing to help on your social media sites (please see our FB group for this), this is not compulsory to do, though we do find it makes an awesome difference to your business by doing so).

Please ensure that you place all valuables out of sight of patrons.
The Perth Hills Artisan Markets /Perth Hills Events take no responsibility for either theft of personal items or that from your stall or person.

The exhibitor/suppliers and visitors shall indemnify and keep indemnified the venue owners and operators of Perth Hills Events, Perth Hills Artisan Markets, Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash and Upcycled Markets, PHAM Youth Markets, Perth Hills Wedding Expo against all actions, liabilities, proceedings, claims, costs and expenses which The named may suffer in connection with or arising in any way whatsoever out of the use of premises by the Exhibitor/Suppliers and visitors.

Please ensure that your site is left free from all rubbish by placing waste material in the bins provided (ie food scraps, plastics bags).
All stallholders are responsible for the storage and removal of their own rubbish.
Large boxes and packaging materials are NOT to be disposed of onsite and stallholders are responsible for removing this off the site.
No packing/boxes/green waste from food vans/cartons are to be left behind,.general rubbish and recycle bins will be provided on site for public use.

No recording or broadcasting of the event shall take place without prior approval.
All advertising/promotional material must be approved before being broadcast/used.
All photography must be approved by the Organiser.

Should you require assistance due to a medical emergency, electrical, structural or behavioural problem please contact Fleur Adams on 0410 204 693

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in exclusion from future events.